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(Ages 5 - 7)

June 17th - 26th & July 8th - 17th
(classes are Mon & Wed)

TUITION: $225 
(once a week also available for $150)
Regular Summer Rate = 4 hours per week x $18 = $288.00 for 4 weeks)

Summer Registration Fee - $20.00
For all workshops (except for Little Gems Summer Dance Parties), there is also a $50 deposit charged at the time of registration.  The rest of the balance will be paid on the 1st day of the workshop.
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Summer Classes!
Child Dance Summer Intensive Tap


Reading a story at the end of class


All Summer Intensive Workshops begin on June 17th and will run until July 17th with a week off from July 3rd-7th.

NOTE: All Dance Intensive Tuition is due on or before June 18th.  Auto Charge students will be charged on June 18th.  


If your friend enrolls in an intensive workshop, you will receive 50% off the "lower" intensive workshop price!


If you have vacations, then you can make up classes in other Diamond Dance intensives when you are in town or take classes on Zoom from your vacation!

Child Dance Intensive Ballet Class

DANCE INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS OR CLASSES are required for all students to participate in musical theatre year-round classes and performing companies for the 2024-2025 season. 


ALL CHILDREN auditioning for the "Sapphire" Child Performing Company need to enroll in 4 weeks of the Summer Dance Intensive Schedule.

ALL CHILDREN auditioning for a Musical Theatre class for the 2024-2025 studio year need to attend the Summer Dance Intensive Classes of at least one ballet class, one jazz class, and one tap class each of the 4 weeks. 

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