"WE LOVE DIAMOND TALENT!! My daughter has been dancing at Diamond Talent for 15 years. The atmosphere and energy at the studio is like no other! ...

You can get involved in extra classes if you want to dedicate yourself to hard work and be apart of a company that gets to perform in extra events such as the Dixie Roundup parade, Hunstman Senior Games Opening Ceremony in the Fall, Jubilee of Trees, Dickens Festival, Diamond Talents very own Christmas Show...
I am so Grateful for Diamond Talent and all they are doing and have done for my daughter, they are 2nd parents to her and they have helped us raise her Into the young woman that she has become...
You won’t find a more positive, safe and fun environment than being apart of the Diamond Talent Family!!!"

- Jeri Terry

Daughter Maci, Diamond Graduate 2020

"The performing company experience cultivates an environment of teamwork, without competition...  

Their supportive environment also nurtures a strong sense of family in the children and young adults. The young adults are mentors to the younger children, and understand this important role during their training with Diamond Talent. As a result, the younger children are encouraged and inspired by the discipline and talent of the young adults (all of which were developed at the studio). This active mentoring is on full display during their live performances throughout the year when the performing companies all come together as a team to put on an amazing show for the public."

- Deb Moon

Daughter Wynona, Current Diamond Student

"This studio isn't just about dancing but about helping these kids understand they can make a difference in the world. I'm confident my children will go far in life because of this studio!"

- Nicole Demke

Daughters Kiera and Bailey, Current Diamond Students

"The lessons taught are more than just dance, but apply to ALL aspects of life. Brian and Melinda Larson train and develop youth into not only incredible dancers and actors, but leaders in the community and around the globe".

Kristie Rindlisbacher 

Daughter Reagan, Diamond Student

"I highly recommend this studio! Three of my children have attended this studio starting about 18 years ago. Two of my children started as young teenagers and the last one as a little child. Because she received good technical training starting as a young child as well as the encouragement and belief in herself that is core to the Diamond Talent curriculum, she was able to get into The Juilliard School and after graduating, she was able to perform on Broadway in Cats and now is in Hamilton...  When living in other larger cities I tried out several other studios for my older children and none compare to what Diamond Talent has to offer in both the technical training, the many style of dance and musical theatre taught, and the positive environment for learning." 

- Miriam Tate

Daughter Christine, Diamond Alum

Son Daniel, Diamond Alum

Daughter Emily, Diamond Alum 2011

"The training my children receive is the best of the best. I like that Diamond Talent is a non-competitive studio. Each student is encouraged to do their best and be happy with who they are.
Not only do our children get the best dance and performing education, but they have also learned life lessons they will remember forever. Brian and Melinda care about each and every student at the studio. Students are encouraged to dream big and work hard so they can achieve any goal they want."

- Brooke Taylor

Daughter Elsie and Son Connelly, Current Diamond Students

Daughter Lindsay, Diamond Alum 2021

"I have 3 girls that attend Diamond Talent. Not only do they learn great technique in ballet, jazz, and tap, but they have voice and acting classes too! Diamond Talent is a triple threat studio. 
My girls love their dance family and are better people for what they learn there. It's not just about dance, it's about contributing to our world." 

- Shally Sorensen

Daughters Serae, Braylen, and Cambry,

Diamond Students

"As far as performances- it doesn’t get better than this. All of their performances are top-notch. They have very high standards and goals for these kids- and all of the performers rise to the occasion. It’s really amazing to watch."

- Tiffany Nelson

Daughters Lucky, Pepper, and Valentine, Current Diamond Student

"Their positive approach to life has overflowed into our whole family and has helped us all to be more aware of others. Thank you for teaching our children to cheer each other on!"

- Natalie Ogden

Daughter Ashley & McKayla Larsen, Diamond Alumni

"There’s a certain magic that comes from people who have a true passion for what they do, and that magic is exactly what you find at Diamond Talent. Not only Brian and Melinda Larson have a passion for the performing arts— they have a passion for excellence, growth, individuality, unity, quality, instilling confidence in young people, and for building strength from the core—and they have a talent for passing that passion into the kids they teach." 

- Cary Mac Arthur

Daughters Mekenze Limiri, Diamond Alum 2010

Mady Mac Arthur, Diamond Alum

As a mom of four girls that range from five years old to a senior in high school, I would highly recommend Diamond Talent as a starting point for your child to start dance. All of my girls have been at this studio and it has not only taught them the love for dancing, singing, and performing, but it has also given them confidence, and amazing life skills to use in this world. With a senior graduating this year from Diamond Talent I can say it’s been a fantastic experience it’s helped her not only become an amazing dancer and singer but also a confident, independent person. The owners and staff of Diamond Talent have such amazing talent we feel so lucky to have this caliber of talent in a studio that is located here in southern Utah.

- Emily Armstrong

Daughter Madeline, Diamond Alum 2019

Daughters Sophia and Phoebe, Current Diamond Students