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Diamond Arts Preschool

School Education, Fitness, Musical Theatre, Music, and Dance
The Diamond Arts Preschool staff are a few of the best children's faculty from Diamond Talent Dance. Our Preschool Teachers are dedicated to creating a fun environment in our classroom inspiring your preschoolers with the love of learning, inspiration, and the enthusiasm to try new things.

Melinda Larson
Academic & Performing Arts Director
My name is Melinda. I'm the co-owner of Diamond Talent alongside my husband Brian. I homeschooled my three kids when we began the studio 27 years ago.  My now adult children have all graduated college with degrees in the arts: my daughter from Pace University (BA in Theater Arts - Acting Focus with a minor in Film Studies) and my two sons from Musician's Institute (Certificate)/SLCC (Associates Film Production Degree), & The Juilliard School (BFA in Dance).
Over the past 27 years teaching at Diamond in dance my husband, Brian, and I have also encouraged doctors, professional trainers, journalists, school teachers, entrepreneurs, and parents.  More than anything I am proud of the many, many outstanding human beings that I have had the honor of teaching. My 35 years as a performer, teacher, choreographer, and director have been filled with great rewards including my marriage to Brian and our three children Miranda, Zachary, Alex, and my daughter-in-law Emily and soon to be
son-in-law Al.  

Melinda Larson - Diamond Talent Owner and Preschool Performing Arts Director
Jackie Neil Diamond Arts Preschool Teacher

Jackie Neil
Preschool Teacher
Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm the lead teacher for the academic side of our preschool as well as a Performing Arts Instructor. Although I've been a member of Diamond's staff for 5 years, I've been with Diamond Talent as a student since I was a kid studying in every dance style including ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, yoga, and hip hop.  In high school, I began teaching children in Diamond's Student Teaching program teaching ballet, jazz, & tap dance to children ages 2-12.  
After I graduated, I joined the staff at Diamond Arts Preschool as a lead instructor and continue to love showing the little ones new things every week! 


Zachary Larson
Preschool Instructor & Puppeteer
Growing up at Diamond Talent performing in all types of dance and musical theatre opened up a world of possibilities for me to discover my strengths through puppets.  I discovered my ability to communicate through different voices and characters which led me to entertain and educate students over the last 20 years.  Along with my puppets: Samy, Torick, Treky and Odin, I have been guest teaching children’s musical theatre classes, coaching by using acting games and singing and emphasizing the importance of using one’s imagination through storytelling.
I am a graduate of SLCC in Film and I earned a certificate in filmmaking from the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA. After living in LA, I began work as a media editor and videographer in advertising and performance for Diamond Talent and I have continued to be involved in Diamond’s annual Christmas show and Spring performances. I am also a professional filmmaker and writer working on independent short films both in Northern and Southern Utah.  My latest film, Valhalla, is currently in pre-production. I also continue to freelance by directing and creating music videos and demos for bands and independent artists.
I am very excited to be joining the preschool staff officially this year after guest teaching last year with the Diamond Arts Preschool students.


Treky the Monster

"Manners with Treky"

Treky loves to play with the musical theatre classes at Diamond.  He has been a good friend to many over the generations of students.  He's learned many ways of being kind to each other in class, how to follow directions, and using please and thank you to his teachers and fellow students.  



"Educational Games with Torick"

Torick doesn't have many words to say, but he loves to express himself by playing fun games that teach children the basics in being a leader & following directions, learning the alphabet, and making sure everyone can have fun! Torick also loves to draw and has dreams of becoming a true artist.


Samy the Seal
"Singing Time With Samy"


Samy began her love of singing after hearing the music from such musicals as "Les Miserables" and "Wizard of Oz".  Her singing idol is Judy Garland.  She also loves to tell stories and read wonderful books. 


Odin the Dragon
"Theatre Arts with Odin"


Odin studied theatre at DRADA (the Dragon Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts).  He is an accomplished Actor with many dragon academy awards. Though he appreciates the dramatic arts, he still loves to be silly and have a good laugh.

He also studies history and legends as well as having a deep love of animals.  


Emily Armstrong
Preschool Assistant & Sub Instructor

Hi, my name is Emily, and I’m a St.George native. My favorite things to do always involve art and being creative. I love sewing and painting and being out in nature.

Before coming to Diamond Arts Preschool as a sub and assistant, I taught at another preschool for four years.  My husband of 26 years and I also have four kids of my own ages 11 to 23 who have all also attended Diamond Talent as dance students. 


Miranda Jean Larson

"Miss Miranda's Reading Forest"

I grew up dancing and performing at Diamond Talent before moving out east to New York City where I attended college at Pace University studying acting and film production.  Nowadays, I work from my home office in Philadelphia editing for independent film and acting in theatre productions.  I also run the Diamond Talent and Preschool social media & website and edit all of Diamond Talent's performance videos and other media along with my brother, Zach.  


My favorite part about growing up at Diamond Talent was that it always welcomes you home.  I was always a very imaginative performer especially when it comes to stories we would read in class to inspire us to be kind to one another or to dream big.  I am so excited to pop in to the Diamond Arts Preschool class from my Magical Reading Forest from time to time and share those wonderful stories with the next generation of students.  

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