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Diamond Arts Preschool

Academics, Fitness, Musical Theatre, Music, and Dance
The Diamond Arts Preschool staff are a few of the best children's faculty from Diamond Talent Dance. Our Preschool Teachers are dedicated to creating a fun environment in our classroom inspiring your preschoolers with the love of learning, inspiration, and the enthusiasm to try new things.
Melinda Larson
Academic & Performing Arts Director
My name is Melinda. I'm the co-owner of Diamond Talent alongside my husband Brian. I homeschooled my three kids when we began the studio 25 years ago.  My now adult children have all graduated college with degrees in the arts: my daughter from Pace University (BA in Theater Arts - Acting Focus with a minor in Film Studies) and my two sons from Musician's Institute (Certificate)/SLCC (Associates Film Production Degree), & The Juilliard School (BFA in Dance).
Over the past 26 years teaching at Diamond in dance my husband, Brian, and I have also encouraged doctors, professional trainers, journalists, school teachers, entrepreneurs, and parents.  M
ore than anything I am proud of the many, many outstanding human beings that I have had the honor of teaching. My 34 years as a performer, teacher, choreographer, and director have been filled with great rewards including my marriage to Brian and our three children Miranda, Zachary, Alex, and my daughter-in-law Emily. 
Melinda Larson - Diamond Talent Owner and Preschool Performing Arts Director
Jackie Neil Diamond Arts Preschool Teacher
Jackie Neil
Preschool Teacher
Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm the lead teacher for the academic side of our preschool as well as a Performing Arts Instructor. Although I've been a member of Diamond's staff for 4 years, I've been with Diamond Talent as a student since I was a kid studying in every dance style including ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, yoga, and hip hop.  In high school, I began teaching children in Diamond's Student Teaching program teaching ballet, jazz, & tap dance to children ages 2-12.  
After I graduated, I joined the staff at
Diamond Arts Preschool as a lead instructor and continue to love showing the little ones new things every week! 
I also perform as a Guest Diamond Talent Alumni in Diamond's annual Christmas and Spring shows.  
Maleya Alldredge
Preschool Teacher
I'm Maleya, and I teach music appreciation as well as performing arts and fitness classes! I've been a student at Diamond Talent and began as a Student teacher when I was 17.  After I graduated high school, I joined the staff at Diamond Arts Preschool and as a full-time dance teacher at Diamond Talent.

Over the years, I've studied ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary dance, yoga/pilates, musical theatre, and vocal performance. I continue to perform as a guest alumni with Diamond in their annual Christmas and Spring shows. 
Maleya Alldredge Diamond Arts Preschool Teacher
Emily Armstrong
Preschool Assistant & Sub
Photo & Bio coming soon!
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