Diamond Talent Productions
Studio Policies 2022 - 2023

• Please show respect for the discipline of dance by arriving on time. Student should be appropriately dressed, warmed up and prepared for the beginning of class, including hair/dress code requirements, shoes, tights, etc.

• If circumstances require you to arrive late for class, always respect the teacher and wait for their permission for you to join the rest of the class. Classes are on a tight schedule and will need to start and stop in a timely manner.

• Parents and visitors are welcome to observe classes through viewing windows and in observation areas during “Open Class Weeks.” Parents please stay in the viewing and observation areas only. Please do not address your student, give directions or coach from the side. Please do not comment to the teacher and hold all comments at all times when in a classroom.


• Our Studio is a place of learning – please, there is to be no running around in the lobby, hallways in the building, parking lot, parking garage and/or disrupting class. Also, there is no playing in the elevators or on the stairwells.


• Parents please notify the owners through diamondtalentpro@gmail.com to make an appointment to discuss any problems or concerns you may have about your child’s progress, class placement or any other circumstances.


• No food or drinks (except water) are permitted inside the studios. No Chewing Gum. Please dispose of all trash.


• Dress Codes indicated for each dance style should be upheld by each student. Leave the Dressing Rooms and Rest Rooms clean at all times. Dance bags should not be left unattended in hallways or lobby. All bags should be taken with you into the studios and placed in the designated area.


• Cell phones should be turned off during class time.


• A Costume Showcase Fee for the annual studio showcase will be due on December 10, 2020. If the class you are enrolled in is doing a Showcase dance then a costume will be ordered for your child after the December 3rd due date. If you do not wish to participate in the Showcase then you must contact the owners by email at diamondtalentpro@gmail.com before the costume due date. If you do not pay for your costume in full by the December 10th due date then, by signing the registration form, you authorize Diamond Talent to charge your card on file for the price of the costume ordered for your child. Not all classes will have a costume fee, but all classes will have a Showcase fee due December 10th with or without a costume. if you are joining classes in January 2021 and want your child to be in the May Showcase then you will need to pay for the Showcase Costume Fee at your time of registration or by February 14, 2021.


• Tuition is due the first week of each month. Please be considerate in paying on time. There will be a $10 late fee charged to your account after the 10th of each month if your tuition is not yet paid.


• If you choose to not have a card on file with Diamond Talent, not aligned with our policies, then there will be a $25 fee every time your tuition is late and an extra $25 fee if your Showcase fee isn’t paid by December 10, 2021.


• No make-up lessons will be given unless you miss a lesson on our account. Make-up classes will only be granted on an individual basis for family emergencies, funerals, etc. There will be no refunds.


• A 30 day notice is required to discontinue classes. By signing the registration form, you authorize Diamond Talent to charge your card on file for the month or month(s) that you are delinquent with this policy due to a withdrawal. Withdrawals will not be accepted after April 1. A final month’s tuition will be due at the time of withdrawal notice.


• Class placement is determined by a child’s age, potential and performance not by grade, carpools or convenience. • Permission is granted to Diamond Talent Productions to use any images in photos, film, video, testimonials, reproductions, etc. to advertise, illustrate, publicize, print, distribute and promote with no restrictions; and without prior inspection, approval or compensation.


• Diamond Talent Productions, Inc. and its instructors are not liable for personal injury or loss of, damage to personal property. Diamond Talent also does not assume liability for injury that may occur while dancing or performing at or with the studio. There is always a risk involved with physical activity and responsibility must be assumed by the student and their parent or guardian. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations you may have.